A Fallen Angel

a short fashion film


Clothing by

Andrea Diodati


“New York City is one of my favorite cities; so grimey yet sweet, lonesome yet bustling. Like an endless ocean with millions of sleepless octopuses and their countless arms that work and love like their lives depend on it. They never seem to feel at ease, not even for just one moment.

Every corner of this city seems to hold the promise of a magic encounter. But right after the moment has passed, it swiftly evaporates, the faces fade and the energy floats on to the next possibility.

And my film, ‘A fallen angel meets Andrea Diodati’ is about exactly that.

By mysterious consequences a boy ends up in NYC, he is lost, tries to understand this fast cityscape. He nearly gets hit by a truck but a beautiful girl, dressed in the most enchanting Andrea Diodati designs, pulls him onto the curb. She is charmed by his alienness and shows him around. But just like with everything else, he starts to bore her and she effectively decides to move on.

After all, the angel is lost and alone yet again, and as the gods have mercy, the young man gets warped back up to the sky.”

Emma Westenberg